Robbie Norris, Founder

At Please Add Salt, we find the best restaurants in the world, eat at them a few times, and then write a short summary of our experiences. The coverage of this blog focuses on food quality, atmosphere, presentation and service. We currently have editors in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, London and Paris. As our content grows, restaurants will be searchable via city.

I owe the conception of this blog to Aroma Cafe in Studio City, CA. I have always loved a unique restaurant, but it wasn’t until I entered this place that I wanted to find more. When in LA or away, I needed a system to keep track of the restaurants I’d been to. I decided to take the business card of every place that I had enjoyed. Over 250 business cards later, I started Please Add Salt.

Marek Lapinski, Marketing

Marek Lapinski joined us in 2012 to help with marketing. Marek works for a startup in San Diego, and loves eating at new restaurants.

We hope you enjoy reading this blog, and maybe get to learn about some great places to eat. Tweet restaurant recommendations to @pleaseaddsalt.









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